August 1, 2016

what's in my pro MUA kit

Every makeup artist's kit is unique. It' s a hand-picked, and carefully curated selection of products that they love, trust, and believe will help them produce the best work they can. A kit can take years to develop, and like vegetables in a garden, they grow bigger and better as time goes on. Things are constantly being added and sometimes replaced with the 'next best thing', and sometimes old
favourites are brought back in because there just isn't anything that can beat them.

Clients always ask what products I use, and they should, as what I'm putting on their face is just as important as the techniques I use. Many times my kit, my trusty sidekick, helps me secure a job when the client knows I only use the best! Here I'm going to give a peek into my kit staples, the brands I love, and the products that have been with me since the beginning. 

Smashbox primers are really great. I carry their Photo Finish Primer in Original, Light, and Pore Refining (depending on my client's skin type and needs). For redness, I also have Make Up For Ever's HD Primer which is green and colour corrects the red, and for very oily skin I LOVE Becca's Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector.

I almost exclusively use Make Up For Ever foundations. I carry both the Ultra HD formula, which is great for almost every skin type and leaves a gorgeous 'real skin' finish (undetectable with HD cameras), and I also use MUFE's Mat Velvet for those with really oily skin, or who want a very full coverage matte finish. 

I love MAC Pro Longwear concealer for under eye concealing, it's very long lasting and gives great coverage. To colour correct before I put down the concealer, I always reach for my Eve Pearl Salmon concealers in various tones (depending on the intensity of the dark circle).

I have flip-flopped between a couple different powders over the years. When I first started working, I used the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, and it was great, but then decided to try the Ben Nye Neutral Set Loose Powder. The Ben Nye one set everything perfectly, but recently I have gone back to Laura Mercier's. I find the powder is just a touch finer and softer, and I like how it isn't stark white (like the Ben Nye one).

Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit (I mainly use the colours Banana and Fawn), and MAC bronzers and highlighters in Lightscapade, Soft & Gentle, and Beautiful Bronze. I also recently added Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel cream bronzer and it is amazing! Works on almost every light-medium skin tone.

I have so many it would take me forever to list them all! I will say the majority are from MAC because I love them so much, and I will give a special shout out to Anasatasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay and Colour Pop for their fab shadows that keep my clients' lids on fleek (wait, do people still say "on fleek"?)

Again I have soo many but the majority are from MAC (my custom palette pictured below), and I also really love Colour Pop liquid lipsticks for their longevity and on-trend shades!  

Obviously this isn't everything I keep in my kit, there are just too many products to list individually, [and of course some things are trade secrets ;)] but these are some of my favourites! 


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