September 9, 2016

the makeup brushes you should be using (and where to buy them).

I often get asked various types of makeup related questions, but the ones I hear the most revolve about brushes. What types of brushes should I have in my makeup bag? How do I use them? Where do I buy them? Should I invest in good quality or just buy the inexpensive brands?

In my personal and professional makeup bags I use a wide variety of brushes from different brands (in my pro kit I have over 60 brushes!). Some I've spent a few dollars on, some I've spent upwards of $60 per brush. I would say the majority of my brushes are either from MAC, Sephora or Morphe, but I do have a few QUO and Sigma. Now, MAC and Sephora brushes are high-end and going to cost you $$$. Morphe, Sigma, and QUO are relatively less expensive, but that doesn't mean lesser in quality. I actually really love my Morphe and Sigma brushes, and for a fraction of the cost I think they compare very close to the ones from MAC and Sephora.

My pro brush belt (and this isn't even all of them!)

So what brushes should you be using on the daily? Well it depends how much makeup you wear, but
I've narrowed it down to these 7 essential brushes that should be in your bag, so you're always covered no matter what look you are going for. I've also added a few bonus brushes for those that want to take their brush belt to the next level!

1. LARGE POWDER [ MAC #150 ]
Invest in a good quality powder brush with real hair bristles, used for setting powder or applying powder foundation.

2. LARGE KABUKI [ Essential Beauty Kabuki ]
For flawless bronzer application, I find a large, fluffy-yet-dense brush like a kabuki works best. I picked up one of mine from the Winners beauty section (you can really score big there sometimes!), and didn't spend a lot. I can't remember exactly how much it was but I know it was under $10.

3. ANGLED BLUSH [ Sephora Pro Angled Brush #49 ]
I love my angled blush brush from Sephora! The bristles are so soft, and the angled shape really carves out the cheekbone perfectly (Bonus: it can also be used for cheekbone contour.)

4. FLAT SHADOW [ Morphe M124 ]
For applying eyeshadow to the lid and brow bone, I like a firm, flat brush the best. This can be an inexpensive purchase - I bought a few from the Sonia Kashuk line when we still had Target here in Canada (*tear*) and they are perfect, but these ones from Morphe are almost identical and so inexpensive!
$3.99 (usd),

For blending out crease shadow a good quality fluffy shadow brush is a MUST, and there isn't anything better than the trusty MAC 217.

6. SMALL ANGLE [ Morphe M413 ]
A small angle brush is essential for defining your eyebrows with powder, or a pomade like Dipbrow, and can also be used to apply eyeliner. Along with an eyebrow brush/spoolie, these two go hand in hand and are "must-haves" for sure.
$3.99 (usd),

7. FOUNDATION [ Beauty Blender ]
I literally have about 5 different types of brushes/sponges I will use to apply foundation (it just depends on my mood that day), but my recommendation for a go-to foundation applicator is not actually a brush but a sponge - The Original Beauty Blender - and make sure you splurge on the real thing, there is a difference with the knock-offs!! This sponge can also be used for applying under-eye concealer using the pointy end, AND baking/setting the under eye area (more on baking later...)


FAN BRUSH QUO Professional ]
For applying that glow! I love using a fan brush for highlighter. I find it applies just the right amount of product and it's fun to use. *Make sure you get the QUO Professional fan brush (with the black handle), not the basic QUO fan brush (with the silver handle) - there is a huge difference in quality.
$20, Beauty Boutique at Shoppers Drug Mart.

FLAT TOP BUFFER Morphe G6 Flat Buffer ]
A good all-purpose buffing brush that makes blending any type of cream product (contour, blush or bronzer) a breeze, is a flat top brush like this one by Morphe.
$13.99 (usd),

This brush is essential if you are partaking in the contour and highlight game. Applies highlight powder like a dream with its super soft bristles and tapered shape, it really gets in the under-eye area perfectly. You can also use this to apply glow to the tops of your cheekbones (and if you are feeling adventurous, can use it to apply cheek contour).
$25 (usd),

If you have any other brush favourites (or even new brands) let me know in the comments! And don't forget to follow me on Instagram (@liannemascia) for lots more makeup tips, reviews and looks! <3


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