March 2, 2014

i've died and gone to makeup heaven.

What an amazing first two weeks it's been!! I absolutely love what I'm doing, and the instructors at the School of Pro Makeup are fantastic [and hilarious... looking at you Rob]. Who knew there was such a science behind the art of makeup? From different skin types and skin tones, to the best shadow and liner for your eye shape, there is definitely a lot to take in when someone sits in your chair. You have to know exactly what they need and sometimes you have to do it fast. Foundation is important, probably the most important element to the makeup application, so if you don't have the colour and intensity right it will throw off the whole look [it doesn't matter how amazing your NAKED smoky eye is!]

In honour of learning all the basic elements of the face this week, I have provided my current faves for each one: 

EYE: Urban Decay "NAKED2" eyeshadow palette [these taupe/greige colours allow for the perfect 'naked' to 'not-so-naked' eye!]
LIP: Gosh lipstick in "Darling" [modern nude/pink colour with a creamy texture]
CHEEK: L'Oreal "Magic Nude" liquid powder foundation [light coverage that has a fresh, flawless, powder-like finish]

If you have your own suggestions I would love to hear them, or if you have tried the ones I've suggested please leave your feedback in the comments! 

{ beauty tip } if you have a dark circle, chances are it's blue/black so you should use a cool tone "pink" concealer to cover it, even if your skin tone is warm.

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