March 28, 2014

inject some radiant orchid into your beauty routine!

Soooo in case you missed it, "Spring" arrived last weekend and I figured I would "celebrate" the occasion by heading over to Shoppers and picking out some new products in Pantone's beautiful colour of the year "Radiant Orchid". Over an hour later I emerged with a bag of goodies and have shared my reviews below.

[And because I can't just go into Shoppers and buy only what I went in there for, I also picked up Rapid Brow eyebrow growth serum and started the treatment... Wait and see if I have "Uncle Leo" eyebrows by this time next month!]

1] Fuse by Sensationail gelnamel in "Emotion"

Ok, when I first learned my #1 at-home beauty regimen was about to get a whole lot easier and FASTER I almost died of excitement. By eliminating the base and top coat steps of my gel polish mani, my time investment went from 1 hour to 15 minutes! I couldn't wait to try Fuse and low and behold it came in the colour I was looking for. Sold. Well, as the old saying goes if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. And it kind of was. I ended up needing to put on a clear top coat [as some of the colour came off when I did the last step of cleansing], and it chipped within a couple of days! Not impressed Sensationail. Not impressed.

2] Covergirl LipPerfection Lipcolour in "330 - Divine"

I. LOVE. THIS. LIPSTICK. Everything about it. The colour is gorgeous, it glides on nicely, and has staying power!! Plus, the moisturizing factor prevented my lips from looking dry and crusty [which is a common complaint with some rich coloured lipsticks like this]. I usually don't purchase Covergirl products but I highly recommend this lipstick [and especially this colour] to punch up a neutral outfit!

3] Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Liner in "270 - Purple Shock"

I really liked how this product glided on my eye, and stayed put for hours! The bonus smudger on the other end of this pencil was a nice touch. The only complaint I have with this [and all eye pencils with this creamy texture] is it's impossible to properly sharpen... the pathetic sharpener that's included with most of these pencils is useless.

4] ESSIE Nail Polish in "Play Date"

Another nail product on the list [I can't resist anything to do with nails...]
I am in love with this gorgeous polish! It's the perfect shade for Spring, and as with all Essie polishes, the staying power is pretty good, you'll get a solid 5-7 days of minimally-chipped wear.

5] Quo Beauty Blender

Sponges better watch their back, or they soon may find themselves on the endangered species list. Enter: The beauty blender. It's the ultimate applicator, giving you a perfect, flawless foundation application! The point allows you to get into all angles of the face easily, and the best part is it doesn't drink your foundation like typical sponges do! The secret is it needs to be wetted, and this keeps the foundation from absorbing in. Some beauty blenders can be very expensive, but if you are curious and want to see what it's all about, give this one a try [it retails for $7].

6] Quo Individual Eyelash Inserts

Ok so I know technically this product is black [not Radiant Orchid], but it's packaging was, and I think eyelashes make everything better so I'm including this as something everyone should try once in a while!!!

Maybe if we all join together and pretend it's Spring and start wearing bright colours we can summon some warmer weather?? Kind of like a reverse rain dance?? Just a thought...

{ beauty tip } when wearing a bright colour [such as radiant orchid] on eyes or lips, make sure to keep the other features neutral, to have a focal point on the face and ensure your look is clean and modern!

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