February 17, 2014

following my heart... back to school.

I've always been a lipstick darling. From an early age, I have been fascinated with the art of makeup, how these colourful little tools could transform someone's look, and in the process give them the confidence to conquer the world. Before I was old enough to build my own makeup collection, I would sneak into my mother's makeup bag and experiment on my dolls, my mother, myself. As I got older, this passionate hobby grew, [and thanks to many YouTube "how-to" videos] so did my skill level. Friends would ask me to make them up for special events, but I never made anything out of it. I went on to study marketing at university, and after graduation got a job in my field at a great start-up [go fourgrounds media!]. But sometimes even when things are going great and you love your life [I have a wonderful new husband and the best little dog ever!], your soul speaks up and demands just a little something extra... A little extra attention, a little extra love. Everyone is different, and they feed their soul in different ways, but for me it's creative expression. I happened upon this realization in an unusual way... One day at work on set of a movie fourgrounds was producing, our key makeup artist was met with an unfortunate accident that would not allow her to continue working on the movie. [Although I felt really bad] I jumped at the chance to help out doing touch-ups and other minor things, and in the process something had awoken inside of me. That life-long passion that I had only ever seen as a hobby was now presented to me in a totally different way - and I LOVED it! From that moment I started being conscious of this opportunity and planned my route to get there. I am excited to say that today I will begin formally training at the School of Professional Makeup in Toronto, where I will fine tune my skills, learn a whole bunch of new ones, and begin the journey to professional makeup artist. Whether it's a beautiful bride, or a zombie, I'm excited to see where this new challenge brings me. Stay tuned to this blog for a chronicle of my journey, some interesting make-up posts [hint: celebrity doppelg√§nger series], and a whole bunch of tips, tricks and product reviews! 

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  1. I'm excited for you, Lianne! If something is calling out to you so strongly, you should definitely follow its voice and fulfill your potential. It's important to do what you love, even if it means starting from scratch and going back to school. Feel free to use me for homework assignments; I like being all dolled-up! Best of luck.