August 17, 2015

the 6 secrets for lasting makeup.

There's nothing worse than spending time carefully applying your makeup;  blending your foundation, sculpting your cheeks, and shading the perfect smokey eye, only to catch a glimpse of yourself an hour later and discover your face is a hot mess. Your eyeshadow has creased, your perfectly even and blended foundation is now blotchy, and where are those supermodel cheekbones you carved out earlier?! With a few simple steps you can ensure your face looks great hours later, I promise!

Try these tips:

1] Use an Eyeshadow Primer
This will help your eyeshadow stay put without creasing or fading away for hours. It also preserves colour pigmentation which can sometimes lose vibrancy once applied.

LD's Product Suggestion: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

2] Try Waterproof Eyeliner/Mascara
Although I don't generally condone the use of waterproof mascara on a daily basis (for its damage to the lash during removal, and its not-so-great-a-formula as it's non-waterproof counterpart), waterproof mascara does have it's place, usually for a special event when you don't want your mascara running, smearing, or flaking off. Using a gel or liquid eyeliner that's waterproof will also ensure your cat eye is just as fierce hours later.

LD's Product Suggestion: Lancome Definicils Waterproof Mascara / L'Oreal Colourstay Liquid Eye Pen

3] Apply Foundation with a Brush or Beauty Blender
Don't use your fingers! The oils from your fingers will make the foundation slide around, and you can transfer bacteria from your hands to your skin. A tool such as a beauty blender will allow for a flawless application that will last, as you are stippling and pushing the product into the skin.

LD's Product Suggestion: The Original Beauty Blender 

4] Set with Powder
This step goes hand in hand with number three. Setting your foundation with a transparent setting/finishing powder is CRITICAL in keeping the flawless finish exactly that, flawless. Without setting, the skin's natural oils, and any touching of your face you do will disrupt and move around the foundation. Same goes for under-eye concealer - without setting it will most definitely end up creased and settled in your fine lines! (Even us 20-somethings without "wrinkles" yet, have fine lines around the eye area and must set under eye concealer)

LD's Product Suggestion: Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder

5] Try a Finishing Spray
This is a great product to use when you are attending an all day (or all night) event and want that extra bit of insurance that your makeup won't fail you. Spray a few light mists all over the face after you are completely done makeup application. 

LD's Product Suggestion: Urban Decay All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray 

6] Layer your Lip Products 
Start with a lip base like a primer, then apply your lip liner, first outlining your lips then slightly filling in. Apply your lipstick (ideally with a brush) and finish by patting on a translucent setting powder (this will give a matte finish - if you want you can then apply another layer of lipstick if you prefer a satin or creme finish). If you are using a lip stain or long wear lip colour you can skip the powder step as stains tend to leave lips on the drier side.

TIP: Try a "Matte" or "Semi Matte" finish lipstick (versus something glossier) as these will stay longer on their own!

LD's Product Pick: Bite Beauty Lip Primer/MAC Lipsticks

Any other tips to add here? Leave them in the comments below!

- Lianne xo

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