November 11, 2014

becca ever-matte primer... ain't nobody got time for shine

So last week I paid a visit to the shiny new Sephora location at the mall near me. Until now I would have to drive 45 MINUTES to the closest Sephora store, so you can imagine my delight when this one, a mere 10 minute drive, opened a week ago. As I browsed the familiar racks, anything and everything caught my eye, but I did have one purchase to make. Last time I was at Sephora, I cashed in 100 beauty points and received a tiny sample of Becca's Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector. It was amazing. I not only used it on myself (total t-zone shine face), but also when I was on set with Cineplex. For film & TV shine is a no-no, and this miracle primer worked so well, it cut my blotting and powdering in half. If anyone has ever had to deal with a shiny face mid-day (the struggle is real), you NEED TO GET THIS. It's not cheap (retails for $44 for 40 ml), but is so worth it.

My girls with combo skin - what other primers or products do you love for shine? Tell me in the comments!

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