August 3, 2014

the cream of the (blush) crop

{ hello darlings! sorry for the delay in posts, life has been crazy lately! to get back into the swing of things, I have put together a little fact sheet all about cream blush inspired by a friend's recent inquiry. }

I was recently asked about cream blush and if it's worth possibly ditching powder blush for. A lot of women don't know much about cream blush, or how to use it, so read on if you'd like to get the skinny on powder blush's long lost sister!

What is it?
Cream blush is a creamy blush product that gives a light, almost dewy finish.

Who is it best for?
Because of it's creamy texture, cream blush is best for dry or aging skin. Sometimes applying a powder product over very dry skin can make the skin appear even drier, and accentuate dry spots, so a cream blush works wonders to combat this and give the cheeks a nice glowy colour!

How is it Applied?
Cream blush is best applied over "active" foundation (meaning skin that has not been powdered), as applying it on heavily powdered skin will result in a streaky uneven application. You can't apply cream blush with your traditional blush brush, so use your two middle fingers to deposit colour on the apples of your cheeks and blend. You may also use a cosmetic sponge to blend product, or remove some if you have applied too much. 

Best/Worst Picks 
One of the best cream blushes money can buy is by NARS - the formula is really nice and they have a great colour selection. ["penny lane" was a fav colour but sadly it's been discontinued *tear*] For a drugstore price, Revlon cream blush is a great option! 
One of the WORST blushes money can buy is Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush...  Avoid at all costs!!

Is it the Cream of the Crop?
My answer is NO. I am an avid fan of powder blush because I like a good amount of colour with a matte, long lasting finish. Cream blush does not last as long, and can actually slide around/melt away on oily skin, or during the summer months when it's hot! Cream blush definitely has it's place in your makeup bag, for those times you are going for a very sheer, natural look, however I would never abandon my beloved powder blush for it!

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